"Someone is Missing at Christmas"
written by John C. Chaffee Jr.
composed and produced by Randy Harper
Guitar David Baker
song lyrics are included in the Cd booklet
I am the oldest of six, very close siblings.We were born in less than seven years; watched out for each other through the most difficult times.To ever be separated was just unthinkable.
In September of 2003, my sister Lyn, a 21-year breast cancer survivor, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.In one month, on October 26th, two days after her 62nd birthday, she was gone.With Christmas just two months away, we knew the heartache would be overwhelming.We would be "missing her at Christmas".And I felt we should say this in song.As the words poured out, I found they didn't focus on death, but on memories, not only of my sister, but my mom and dad, and friends and loved ones who were missed, even more during the holidays.

We recorded a sample CD in time to play it at our family gathering, and it gave great comfort.In August of the following year, Randy Harper, producer of "Someone is Missing at Christmas", lost his wife Hilary, at the age of 40, after a four year battle with breast cancer.It was then we felt we needed to get this song to others dealing with loss or separation. And our first thought was to approach Anne Cochran.We knew of all her early commercial work in our hometown of Cleveland, loved her singing, especially her Top Five single, "After All These Years", and had followed her through her touring years with Jim Brickman, which come to a jubilant climax each year with the Christmas tour. Anne graciously accepted our offer to perform it, and the song was released, by me, in November of 2004.The response has been heartwarming.During the next holiday season, the song was played on over a hundred all-Christmas-music stations, and reached #11 on the Billboard AC chart. To this day, several hundred radio stations feature the song, and a portion of the proceeds from sales of the single CD go to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, and Susan G. Komen for the cure.My family thanks you, and every day feels Lyn, "right here in our hearts".

John Chaffee