"An American Journey"
all songs written by John C. Chaffee Jr.
composer on "Play By The Rules" David Baker

An American Journey is the first in a series of multiple song CD’s, which follow my meandering mind through today’s landscape. I listen to and watch what happens in every day life, in our nation’s capital, around the world, what comes leaping out of our phones and our computers and our minds and our mouths. And then, if I am fortunate, the muse comes and sits on my shoulder and whispers, no, yells, into my ears, “nobody is playing by the rules anymore”, or, “how can our leaders be so foolish with our money”, or, “I wonder what the founders would say if they were here today”, or, “I’m starting to feel like they’re taking freedoms away from me”, or, “they lie to us, they break promises, they mislead, and we just take it and say oh well, nothing we can do, just like zombies in a zombie nation”. And then the words come pouring out, never all at once, but enough to get started, and eventually finish. Then my friends at Trax Studios in Nashville help put the words to music.

Play By The Rules was inspired by the appointment of a tax cheat to the position of Secretary of the Treasury. It evolved from a song into a video, and won the Hollywood Music in Media Award in 2009, as best country song. And following that, more inspiration, which led to the other four songs on this CD. Soon, there’ll be five more songs, as my American Journey continues.

John Chaffee