New Haven, Michigan. My high school picture. I could type 120 words a minute, so I thought maybe I should write things. After my Army discharge, I was fortunate to start work at a small town radio station, writing commercials. Then bigger town radio, then TV, speeches, and now, music. I'm a logophile.
Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland Public Theater, on the set of Hero Tomorrow, a movie written and directed by my friend Ted Sikora, who gave me a part to play. My mom always accused me of acting up. Ted also directed my music video, Play By The Rules.
This is how I may be identified in the future. A simple barcode. This does not mean you can buy me at a store. But it does mean you can use it to find out about my today and my yesterday. And maybe, even before. And maybe even some new music still in my head.
Take a look at the songs in Patricia Music, my record label named after my mother. And at the music and video of Chaffee Kid, who dresses and acts as Uncle Sam. And some of the apparel we offer, here, and at

Most of all ... have fun doing it.